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Emilio Moro – When just the name isn’t enough

The tastes of wine lovers evolve over time, and under that premise was born just ten years ago Cepa 21, the most contemporary winery of Emilio Moro.

Since then, the wines of this riverside winery have not failed to please those ‘winelovers’ who look for elegance and subtlety in each sip, thus fleeing from the more robust wines with a greater presence of wood that dominated the scene in the 80s.

Hito, Malabrigo or Cepa 21 share “soul and philosophy” with their older brothers, the wines come out each year from the original Emilio Moro winery located in Pesquera de Duero. All are made from love to the profession of winegrower, although Emilio Moro thinks more about the age of the vines, and Cepa 21, located just 17 kilometers from the previous one, is especially taken into account the altitude of the plots . This factor allows them to play with the freshness and acidity of wines, qualities that are highly valued among current consumers.

Both wineries also share equipment, both in the field and in the winery. This wine dream team is led by José Moro and his brother Javier, sons of Emilio Moro and defenders of the Moro surname within the Spanish wine sector. They both realized with the arrival of the 21st century (hence the name of Cepa 21) that the good name carved with its first winery was not enough, and that it had to evolve at the same pace that evolved the palates of the fans.

Fruit of that eagerness of modernization were born the wines that we present to you in this Private Sale. Especially accessible is its Hito range, both in its red and pink versions, designed for those who approach wine for the first time. Cepa 21, the wine that shares its name with the winery, is a classic of the most prestigious guides and amateurs looking for a modern Ribera del Duero marked by balance, elegance and fruit.

And finally its top of the range, Malabrigo, a wine from which only 5,000 bottles are produced each vintage and which is marked by its notes of black fruit and its spicy touches. It shows intense and with all the silkiness that is asked of a wine of this category. A sure hit.