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Dalmore launches World First Five Red Wine Cask Finished Single Malt

The Dalmore is making history, not for the first time, with the launch of a new limited edition single malt. This new single malt whisky has no age statement but the brand has claimed that it is the first and single malt in the world which has been produced with a five red wine cask finish. The new whisky has been named The Dalmore Quintessence.

The Dalmore Quintessence is a 45% ABV single malt. It began life maturing in American white oak barrels, used for storing bourbon and it was then split across five individually selected casks which had originally held the five chosen red wines. The five casks chosen were Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. The chosen casks were then placed safely in Warehouse No.2 at The Dalmore distillery in Alness, Highlands. The casks were allowed to mature for five years in their individual casks and then Master Distiller Richard Paterson married them together, creating a unique and entirely original final malt. Richard Paterson has been Master Distiller at the Dalmore for nearly fifty years and the distillery has asserted that every ounce of his exceptional and broad knowledge was used to create the rare and exclusive Quintessence. Paterson commented himself on the launch of his latest invention, saying: “The Dalmore Quintessence has been a long-term project which I am delighted to share with the world.  It is a combination of two of my great passions, The Dalmore distillery and exceptional red wine.” The Dalmore Quintessence was originally an exclusive release at Selfridges but as of 12th August it is available in a range of individually selected retailers for around £1000 RRP.

The Legacy of the Dalmore

The Dalmore’s legend dates back to the 13th century but the distillery was established many years late in the 19th century, by Alexander Matheson. He spent 28 years running the distillery before passing it on to new owners, Andrew and Charles Mackenzie. The Mackenzies brought the iconic 12-pointed stag emblem to the brand and it has appeared on every bottle ever since. Whilst the exclusive nature of The Dalmore Quintessence means it may not be enjoyed by as many whisky enthusiasts as other offerings from the distillery, we have a range of rare and exclusive products from The Dalmore which you can explore. This includes Dalmore Constellation 1989 and Dalmore 30 Year Old Single Malt.

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