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Barbados Rum

As The Drinks Cabinet shivers in the British winter, thoughts inevitably turn to the tropical island paradise of Barbados.

Barbados has a long standing reputation of being the birthplace of rum, having been producing the spirit for well over 350 years. It was here that the method of cold pressing and distilling rum from cane juice was first perfected. In the 1600’s and 1700’s, Barbados was the world’s largest producer of rum and sugar cane and at one time was home to over 500 windmills and factories. Once established, the rum trade quickly flourished with rum shops opening up all over the country and soon became a Barbados institution.

The renowned rum distilleries on the island of Barbados provide rum enthusiasts all around the world with some of the best alcoholic spirits. It was in 1703 that Mount Gay Rum began distilling the oldest brand of rum in existence, securing Barbados’ status around the world as being the homeland of rum. Mount Gay Rum is an opulent blend of the finest spirits aged for eight to 15 years. A rounded body with a smooth finish, it has a rich, oaky and sharp taste with aromas of ripe banana and toast, vanilla, pastry and warm spice.

Harewood Rum Light 1780 is a historic and special rum, part of a collection of the oldest dated rum in existence. It got its name after being discovered in the basement of Harewood House in Yorkshire. Distilled in Barbados in 1780, it was then shipped over to the UK in the early 19th century and later bottled at the stately home.

St Nicholas Abbey 10 Year Old Rum is a special blend of pot and column still rums, re-racked into new casks and then matured for up to 12 years. This rum’s unique bottle is engraved and topped with a stopper made of windfall mahogany.

If you are looking for a versatile rum to go alongside cocktails and mixers, the Duppy Share is a blend of rums aged in old American oak bourbon barrels from Jamaica’s Worthy Park Estate and the Foursquare distillery in Barbados. Created from a mixture of three year old still Jamaican rum and a five year old Barbadian rum, this special combination produces tropical fruit flavours with a warm buttery finish.

Barbadian rum is renowned as the finest, strongest and smoothest rum in the world, full of the rich heritage of Barbados. With so many varieties available, it has a spirit that will continue to enchant for years to come.

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