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A criminal thirst

A thirst for whisky is something many of us know well and we me crave our favourite dram after hard day’s work but in Blairgowrie one man took it to a criminal level.

Perth Sherriff Court heard the case where a handyman, James Reid, was found to be breaking into a stranger’s home and drinking her whisky. Reid was regularly sneaking into the home of business woman Vikki Banks and enjoying a dram or two of her Scotch. He found his way in using a house key which the occupant hid under a stone outside the property and he was only found due to the quick thinking of the occupant investing in surveillance equipment.

Miss Banks realised something strange was going on as her whisky was regularly disappearing from the bottle in her front room and she invested in secret camera technology to find out what was really happening. A camera system had been installed and it sent automatic email updates to Miss Banks when movement was detected. Notifications found Reid letting himself into her home and again leaving. Reid was sentenced to 50 hours of unpaid work as part of a community payback order.

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